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Unloading a 40ft container

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For something fun we did a time lapse on unloading a 40ft container...

We were not moving this fast at the end of it!

Bias Ply OR Radial

It’s a decision that every collector vehicle enthusiast faces at some point in his or her life. Do you want the period correct look and feel of a cross ply tyre, or do you want the comfort and reliability of a modern radial? Both types of tyre construction have pros and cons in the collector vehicle world, but it’s [...]

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Tyre Cross Refernce Chart

One of the most common questions that we get asked is, "what is the radial change over size for my current tyre size".In some instances there are multiple options, in some cases just one or two but vary rarely is there nothing. Tyre sizes can be a bit confusing, as the size designations changed a lot [...]

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Tyre speed ratings, what does it mean?

Tyre Speed RatingsThe speed rating of a tyre is displayed on the sidewall. Like in the image, you will find it at the end of the tyre's size. It is always represented by a letter - in the following example the tyre speed rating is "W".Once you know your tyre speed rating, you can work [...]

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